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Photograpy, MobileArt
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Gianluca Ricoveri was born in 1950, he has always been devoted to the art of painting and photography and experiencing the interaction of one genre with another.

In 2012 he discovered iPhoneography, enabling him to blend disparate means of expression. Ricoveri was granted the opportunity of showing his art in personal Exhibitions in Pisa, Lucca, Asuni, San Gimignano and Florence at FIPA 2015. 

He has also been chosen many times as “The Artist of the Day” in IPA and the ‘Picture of the Day’ at P1xels. He also received an honourable mention at AX3.

In addition his art has been selected for:

  • 43mm Issue 3 – International Mobile Exposee
  • The exhibition at Exposure Mobile Photo, Ohio
  • The Contest of The  Art Group The RUSH, in Praha
  • The MPA Pocket Vistas, for The Markham Vineyards Gallery Exhibition in St.Helena Ca
  • The 2014 Mobile Photography Awards
  • The Light Impression in Tour in Miami, for The MPA 2015
  • The IHUH in Rome
  • The 2016 Mira mobile Prize Porto
  • The 2016 Génie Climatique Project in Paris
  • The IPPAWARDS 2016
  • The Studio b. Light Impressions on Tour 2016 at the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho
  • The Livorno Expo 2016
  • The Impossible Humans Florence 2017
  • The MAJE in Rome 2018
  • The Mobile Camera Club in Paris 2018
  • Mostra Italo Latino-Americana di arte contemporanea in Viareggio 2018
  • Mobile Photo Awards 2018
  • Mira Mobile Prize 2019
  • Circum navigation in the Palm of the hand Museo de Lamega Portugal 2019
  • The Mira Mobile Prize 2020
  • The Impossible Exhibition 2020
  • The Mira Mobile Prize 2021
  • The Mira Mobile Prize 2022
  • NūGallery Pontremoli 2022
  • TuMobArt’s “ Your dream is you” 2022


  • The Landscape and Nature GoPix Awards in 2016
  • The Mira Mobile Prize for the Landscape Photography in 2018
  • Flowers 2020 Pontremoli

He is a founding artist of The New Era Museum.

His works has been featured in the most influential sites and magazines of Mobile Photography.



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