Ileana Montaño

Visual Artist & Photographer
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Born in Mexico City, Ileana is a professional in graphic communications and advertising.

She studied in San Diego, CA. in the United States and later on she returned to Mexico City where she worked as a copywriter, graphic designer and creative director for several advertising agencies, until she realized she had a more artistic calling and a very strong feeling for painting and photography.

She learned about painting techniques and engaged in developing and combining her photography and computer graphics skills through her visual expression.

She is now an independent visual artist and photographer and has been featured and collaborated in some important blogs about mobile art and photography such as, IG_Artistry, New Era Museum and Shooter Magazine. Some of her work has been exhibited in countries such as Brazil, Korea, United States, Hungary, France, Portugal, Spain and Italy.

In 2017 she presented Fragmentos de Luz, her first solo exhibition in Mexico City. Her work has been recognized and awarded internationally by Mobile Photo Awards, Mobile Camera Club, the Gala Awards (Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers), Tokyo International Foto Awards, Better Photography Magazine and was just recently nominated by Mobiography Awards for the best photographer of the year 2021.

Ileana enjoys looking for the beauty out of ordinary things and the special out of our everyday lives.


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