Ilona Lokatos

Artist, Curator, Writer
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The artist and curator Ilona Lokatos, lives and creates in Hungary.

She is writing, painting, and organizing international exhibitions.

In 2013 she started to paint on her own Childhood experiences, where decisive. A painter also lived on the street where she grew up. She was always amazed at this delicate movements as she world the canvas with the brush. She also went to exhibitions, while the idea natured in me, she also tried painting which requires a lot of patience and imagination. She was glad to see her friends’ pictures on fb. She has recently participated in international exhibitions around the world: in Costa Rica, Venezuela, Peru, Italy, India, Norway, Turkey, Austria and in others countries too.

My themes are defined by a moment , on idea that inspired her. she also often write poems, for pictures. She  love the cavallale of colours they are harmoniously connected in a painting. She creating in one theme: autumn, birds, oil, pastel, adventures, life pictures. She was illustrated the covers of my published books and not just childrens, storybooks, with her pictures.

She love to follow the activities, of her creators, she also constructing of the topic of her arts. She created the “Creating peoples side” virtual international collective art exhibition and she constructed two countries virtual exhibitions: Indonesia -Hungary and Marocco- Hungary.



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