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Cvetka Hojnik “The Dark Side” Online Solo Exhibition

05 Eyl 2022 - 25 Eyl 2022
Welcome to Cvetka Hojnik “The Dark Side” Online Solo Exhibition!..

We met her earlier this summer through Andreja Hojnik Fišić. I am very happy to organized a solo exhibition with this great artist.

I would like to thank her for her positive response and her professional cooperation.

For this exhibition, which consists of 28 pieces, the Exhibition Diary and Artist Profile Page at the bottom of the pages are open for your comments and evaluations, as always.

Best wishes…

Hakan Sarıhan

ArtsGallery – September 2022

Cvetka Hojnik’s work in fine art is minimalist in form, but surprisingly complex and multilayered in terms of expressiveness and meaning.

In-depth observation of the square or rectangular pieces reveals to the viewer an intricate structure of the imaging field, comprised of thick coats of paint that are unique to each image yet connected by the same process that produces a woven surface as a material fact, beyond any illusionism and optical illusions of the kind known from traditional staging. Such a decision is undoubtedly the result of profound personal experience, an intimate realisation of the fateful duality that is the fundamental driving force of our existence – interpreted in the pessimistic version as a journey from nowhere to nowhere. Light and darkness, order and chaos, the visible and the invisible, and an endless mass of other contradictions are pairings on this journey that we encounter, try to overcome, or at least try to balance, both in everyday life and in artistic conceptualisations.

Cvetka Hojnik has decided to approach this issue with radically reduced means, with contrasting colours and primal geometric shapes, using these elements and these elements alone to express her rendition of the dilemmas that human being returns to again and again. The painter’s analytical method of working with this reductionism consistently implements the more-isless principle and is a testimony to how much energy her seemingly simple paintings, dominated by the colour black, radiate.

Cvetka Hojnik’s works are created through a process of contemplation, through careful consideration of how to combine sensibility and rationalism, the spiritual and the material, the interior and the exterior vision of the determinacy of forms that societal transformations have elevated into symbols or even archetypes. The circle, the square, the ellipse as an intermediate shape with properties of both, have become established over time as the holders of conventional meanings, of essentially opposing principles that sum up the divide between experienced reality and spiritual reality.. In the end, the externalisation of one’s own emotional and mental experience is put on display as a painting-object, so that, as an empirical fact, it may once again become the very thing that made its existence possible – an artistic invention.

Cvetka Hojnik

ArtsGallery – September 2022


Cvetka Hojnik

Cvetka Hojnik was born in Murska Sobota, Slovenia.

After completing high school she graduated from the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Ljubljana, Department of textiles, Study programme Design of Textiles and Clothes.

She also studied contemporary painting techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts, in the class of Prof. Gorenec and Prof. Vogelnik.




All the works exhibited here are protected by the INTELLECTUAL AND WORKS OF ARTS LAW, and all rights belong to the artist. Cannot be copied and used without permission. All Rights Reserved.
Thank you, for the respect for ideas and efforts of the artists.



Cvetka Hojnik “The Dark Side” Online Solo Exhibition
  • Tarih: 05 Eyl 2022 - 25 Eyl 2022
  • Yer:Artsonline Web Art Gallery
  • Düzenleyen:Hakan Sarıhan
  • Sergi Süresi:21 gün


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