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23 August 1974, Rijeka, where I live and work.

I have been painting for 20 years, and I have had independent and international exhibitions in the country and abroad.

I am a self-taught artist of abstract expressionism and I use the technique of oil on canvas, acrylic with different motifs; ships, coastal landscapes, figurative art and abstraction. I find inspiration in the sea, the nature I am surrounded by and the real world, life. With mental abstractions, I explore the inner world of feelings and life, which is often hidden. As an art editor, I illustrated two novel covers. I also participated in charity auctions and helped the needy.

I am a respected representative and ambassador of numerous recognized world cultural and artistic organizations. I am the winner of many recognitions and awards for my artistic works.



Membership in associations, creative art associations;

– member of the International Association of Professional Artists VIPPA, New York, USA

– ambassador of culture, peace and art REALIZAR-LA PAZ, Argentina

-IAC Brand Ambassador in the International ART Caravan

Prizes and awards;

-VII International Art Festival “Geoje Peace Forum 2022” – awarded a special recognition by the Mayor and Member of Parliament of the city of Geoje, Il-Jun Seo, and the manuscript and video speech on the topic of peace in the world, was included in the “OverseasArtist Column” brochure, South Korea

Acknowledgment for participation in the exhibition “We are one” and a certificate of appreciation for artworks that are permanently owned by the Haegeumgang Theme Museum / museum director Yu Cheon Eob, curator Michael Lam, director of Vision Art Media N.York, USA

-At the choice of the museum management and curators, for 2023, 4 independent exhibitions of Andrea Stanić “Living Abstraction” will be held in the Haegeumgang Theme Museum/Yukung Art Museum, and the artist was also invited to the 9th International Art Festival in South Korea and to receive the award and to the Visiting Korean troops on the 10th of the month of 2023.

-1*International Prize DONATELLO,Florence,21.01.2023.,curated by Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo /Contemporary Celebrety Masters/


-special award “Confluence of expression III” organized by the World Organization of Art Clubs Zervas Art Club UNESCO, India 2022, curator Vinita Rathaur

-silver award BIAF 2022,Tongmyong University KCCAE,Dir.Ho Kwan Chung

-special recognition “The Art Hall of Fame”, Guatemala, 2021.

-special award Talentila Foundation, India

-special award “Dr. Mustafa Sadek Global Art Award 2021”, out of 170 artists, won a high 17th place, Alexandria, Egypt

-special gold award Dr.Mustafa Sadak 2022.COP27,Egypt

-“Master of Art 2022” award, curator Enzo Marino, Naples, Italy

special recognition for participation in the exhibition project “Stracci al Vento..di Pace” as well as a thank you note for help as a co-organizer/FREE ART GALLERY, curator Enzo Marino, Naples, Italy

-“Master of Art” award, curator Ali Celik, 2022, Turkey

prize for the work “A brigde beetwen nations and Artist”, Hungary 2021, curator Ilona Lactose

-recognition and award of the International art contest “Your best inspiration”, 2022

-recognition and award IAAG, curator Adris Freti, Australia, 2021.,

-recognition and award “1st virtual World Biennial of Visual Artists”, direction Eugenio Leon, World Association of arts and creativity/Arte Con Alma Company, Cultural Industry)., 2022,-

–ward for work, exhibition project Psicologico Clinico “Por Amor La Vida”, Peru, curator Maria Aragon

-“Concurso de Arte con Historias” prize, 8/2022, curator Daniela Rossi, sponsored by UNOTA, Argentina

-“Artavita 2022” award, curator Despina Tunberg

-Jury member of the “Potpouri” exhibition organized by Talentia Foundation India, 2022.

-member of WOSA, Morocco

-praise and recognition “World Art Day-Internationacion in three Colors” organized by cultural manager Rebeca Dorich, PERU

-selected for the art book “22 Espressioni nell;arte” by Silvia Landi, Italy, curator Maurizio Ganzaroli, 2022,

-“Confluence of expression 3” award, organized by the World Federation of Zervas Art and Culture-club for UNESCO of Art, Delhi, India, curated by Anupama Trigunayat, India and Panagiotis Zervas, Greece

-special award “Master of Art 2021”, curator Enzo Marino, Naples, Italy

-special recognition “Freedom 2021”, organized by Positive Energy Art Foundation, India,

-special recognition “Covid Art 2020”, curator Enzo Marino, Naples, Italy

recognized member of the FIAG/GAPI world artists’ group


-member of Art Global Angiolina Marchese, Italy

-member of Centro Arte Castel Gandolfo Italy

-representative of Croatian artists in the organization Sociedad Artistica De Magnos Eventos Internacionales, Spain, representation for art from more than 80 countries of the world.

Participated in many international group exhibitions as well as project exhibitions in Croatia, Germany, Italy, Argentina, France,

Spain, Pakistan, Australia, Peru,

UAE, Ecuador, Colombia, Hungary, T

to Ukraine, Egypt, Mexico, Morocco, India,

Venezuela, Guatemala, Armenia, Venezuela, Brazil, etc.

In 2022, she participated in the Biennale of Contemporary Art;

1. Venice Biennale 2022 “Arte Venezia”, Scuola Grande San Teodoro, San Marco, organized by Centro d Arte e Cultura Verum, curators Marianna Jurčova and Mauro Giampieri, Venice, Italy, 09/2022.

2. Bienal Internacional de Arte CALI, Colombia/26.09-02.10.2022. organized by Julio Sierra, Expomacla Cali, curators; Miguel Guarin Ramirez, Giuseppe Gorga-president of Biennale Sanlermo Italy and Jorge Enirque L. Ramirez, president of Expolitanadearte Colombia 09/2022 ,

3. BIARCO-IV. Bienal Internacional de Arte Armenia, 10/2022.

director Carlos Villanueva G., Edilberto Giraldo M.

All accompanied in the art magazine Bienal Internacional de Arte de Armenia-BIARCO-4 Bienal Internacional de Arte de Armenia Colombia 2022

Some of the solo exhibitions;

-Puca Allpa Arte Contemporaneo,2022.,Peru,curated Liz Tania Diaz Vela

-“The Artist mega show”,India,2022,curator Rehna Saleel

-“Timeless path of colors”, Old Town Hall Gallery of Kristofor Stanković, Zagreb, 2019, Croatia

– “Colori della vita”. Trieste, Italy. 2015,

– “Amore”, Istar spa, Buje, 2014, Croatia

– “Vedrine Centrala”, 2013, Rijeka, Croatia

– “Opus – painting decorations”, 2013, Kastav, Croatia

– “Kuraja”. Kastav, 2011, Croatia

– “Colors of life”, 2011, Opatija, Croatia

– “Lighthouse of Life”, 2009, Matulji, Croatia


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