Danguolė Brogienė

Textile Artist, Academician
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Phd artist Danguolė Brogienė was born in 1959, now she lives and works in Vilnius, in Lithuania.

In 1982 years she was graduated Vilnius Institute of Arts (Now VDA). Since 1982 years until now she teaches at the VDA. She is a professor at the VDA , where more than 37 years she was taught various subjects in the departments of costume, interior design, and architecture: composition, material, innovation and color theory. And further so farit conveys its experience and knowledges for the future artists.

Since 1982 years professor Danguolė Brogienė of Vilnius academy of Arts has been actively participating in exhibitions in Lithuania and other countries. She was organized about 16 personal exhibitions and about 100 internationals groups exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad.

The works of this professor a well-known textile artist were presented in Germany, Mongolia, Latvia, Mexico, Japan, England, Netherlands, USA, Slovakia and other countries too.

The works of this artist professor as well-known textile artist Danguolė Brogienė, have been acquired by: a division of the National Museum of Art of Lithuania Museum, Art of Lithuania museum Applied art and design, textile works are on public and private interiors in Lithuania and abroad.

More than 300 miniatiures jewelry has been purchased by private collectors in Lithuania, USA, Germany, Japan, Denmark, Russia, and others countries too.


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