Resul Jusufi

Painter, Actor, Director
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I paint because it gives me a good feeling. Through art, I have the opportunity to know the unknowns of the life. Also I want to show through colours, forms of abstract on my paintings positivity of the life . To broadcast, to never lose optimism, no matter the difficulties of the situations. The goal of my art is to promote love and peace for all people of the world. I paint feelings not objects.

“Art is life, life is art”


The interest of Resul in many forms of art is the result of is an oceanic or cosmic feeling of his spirit…The art that Resul cultivates is the art of energy, movement and instant inspiration. But, although these images may seem spontaneous, like a previously undetermined scattering of forms, these images, however, are not quite casual.

Resul Jusufi was born in 1968 in Kosovo.

He has studied at the Technical Faculty of the University of Pristina (Kosovo), at the Academy of Arts in Tirana (Albania) and at the Academy of Film and Television in Warsaw (Poland).

His surrealist book „tomorrow“ was published in 1995 in Tirana.

He founded several theatre groups, realized several theatre plays with pantomimes.

Other forms of artistic presentation include installations, performances and theatrical workshops. Twenty two years ago, he found his way to abstract painting, and since then has participated in many individual and collective exhibitions.

His art presentations are popular in Kosovo, Albania, Poland, Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherland and Austria.

Resul Jusufi lives in Graz /Austria

Personal and Collective Exhibitions:

  • 2021         Collective exhibition, internatinonal art  festival”peace again’ Geoje, South Korea
  • 2021         Personal exhibition”Open your mind  ” Gries Gallery  Graz ,Austria
  • 2021          Collective exhibition, internatinaonal art  festival”saving  the palnet”Taiwan
  • 2019          Personal exhibition”hoffnung und gelegenheit” Cafe Kaisrfeld Graz ,Austria
  • 2018         Collective exhibition Landhaus Graz, Austria
  • 2018         Installationeinsame schuh“ alternative space Graz, Austria
  • 2017         Personal exhibition, “canvased works” Atelier 12 Graz, Austria
  • 2016         Personal exhibition, Cafe degli artisti, Berlin, Germany
  • 2016         Collective exhibition Café Erde :freie galerie: Graz, Austria
    2015         Collective exhibition Café Erde :freie galerie: Graz, Austria
    2015         Collective exhibition “Das Karussell” Papierfabrik  Graz, Austria
  • 2015         Personal exhibition Weingut Glatz Bad  Waltersdorf, Austria
  • 2014         Personal exhibition Novinarski Dom, Zagreb, Croatia                                                                    2008         Collective exhibition in the Gallery of Arts in Prishtina, Kosovo
  • 2007        Collective exhibition in the Gallery of Arts in Prishtina, Kosovo
    2004         Personal exhibition t.f.b.s Münster, Germany
    2004         Personal exhibition Hani of 2 Roberts, Prishtina, Kosovo
    2003        Collective exhibition in the Gallery of Arts in Prishtina, Kosovo
  • 2003        Personal exhibition  Galerie Zur Sommerau, Russikon, Switzerland
    2002         Personal exhibition  Pavillon Grüne Gasse, Münster, Germany
    2002         Personal exhibition  MCK, Plonsk , Poland
    2002        Personal exhibition  Hani i 2 Robertëve, Prishtina, Kosovo
    2001         Personal exhibition  Swiss Office, Prishtina , Kosovo
    1999         Personal exhibition Shtepia e kultures , Shijak, Albania
    1999         Personal exhibition  Kawiarnia Artystyczna, Ciechanóyw, Poland
  • 1998         Personal exhibition Osrodek kultury Arsus, Warsaw, Poland

Last  year 2020 and this year 2021 I was part in many exhibition international online, was some colective and personal.



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