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“The End Is Good Place To Start” Online International Invited Glass Art Exhibition

12 Ara 2022 - 31 Ara 2022
Welcome to the “The End Is Good Place To Start” Online International Invited Glass Art Exhibition

Although it is very difficult to produce, glass is an interesting and newly developed field of art. When this exhibition proposal came, I was excited to present works from a new branch. While preparing the exhibition, I was also impressed by the feeling of this material and the great energy it gave.

I would like to thank the curators Şeyma Özkan Bil, Jesse Magee and Ali Can Metin who successfully organized this exhibition consisting of 47 magnificent works by 24 artists in a short time. I would also like to thank dear Ali Can Metin for the exhibition posters.

Pages are open to your precious comments and opinions. I wish you a good exhibition experience.

With the compliments.

Hakan Sarıhan
Artsonline Web Art Gallery – November 2022

The United Nations declared 2022 to be the International Year of Glass to celebrate the role of this extraordinary material has in our society.

In this time innumerous events were organized to emphasize the significance of glass in every aspect of our lives. As a material in fine arts glass is however just starting to gain acceptance. An ever-increasing number of visual artists are discovering the enormous potential of the material which has long been regarded skeptically as being “too craft oriented”.

As the year of glass comes to an end, we look forward to glass being a normal (though still exceptional) material in the future of fine arts. To this end we are organizing this online exhibition highlighting the diversity of artistic expression in glass now as a point of departure for the future of glass art.

The year of glass is ending but the importance of glass in the fine arts is only just beginning.

“The End Is Good Place to Start”
International Invited Glass Art Exhibition 12-31 December 2022


Participant Artists:

(In alphabetical order)


Ali Abayoğlu-Türkiye,   Ali Eren Saçıldı-Türkiye,   Anne Büscher-Netherlands,   Anne Petters-U.Kingdom/Germany,



Christian Schultz-Germany,   Ilse Van Roy-Belgium,   İbrahim Erdoğan-Türkiye/Germany,   İrem Ilgım Aydoğdu-Türkiye,



Jens Gussek-Germany,   Jens Pfeifer-Netherlands,   Jesse Magee-Germany,   Judith Röder-Germany,



Kerem Öztürk-Türkiye,   Lena Feldmann-Germany,   Lena Trost-Germany,   Leo Tecosky-USA,



Madeli Viljoen-S.Africa/Belgium,   Marie De Bruyn-Netherlands,   Mio Fujimaki-Japan,   Murat Şen-Türkiye,



Onur Aksoy-Türkiye,   Petr Stacho-Czech Republic,   Şeyma Özkan Bil-Türkiye,   Tuğçe Gamze Ege-Türkiye.


Legal Warning!

All the works exhibited here are protected by the INTELLECTUAL AND WORKS OF ARTS LAW, and all rights belong to the artist. Cannot be copied and used without permission./ All Rights Reserved.
Thank you for the value and respect you show for ideas and efforts.




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“The End Is Good Place To Start” Online International Invited Glass Art Exhibition
  • Tarih: 12 Ara 2022 - 31 Ara 2022
  • Yer:Artsonline Web Art Gallery
  • Düzenleyen:Şeyma Özkan Bil, Jesse Magee, Ali Can Metin / Design: Hakan Sarıhan
  • Sergi Süresi:21 gün


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