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Andreja Hojnik Fišić “Energy Tracks” Online Solo Exhibition

23 May 2022 - 12 Haz 2022
Welcome to Andreja Hojnik Fišić “Energy Tracks” Online Solo Exhibition!..

We met with Andreja Hojnik last year by the ArtsGallery’s International Art Chain exhibition. When I saw her works, their energies impressed me. At that time, I decided to open a solo exhibition for her by myself, now is the time. I would like to thank her for her positive response and her professional cooperation.

For this exhibition, which consists of 20 pieces, the Exhibition Diary and Artist Profile Page at the bottom of the pages are open for your comments and evaluations, as always.

Best wishes…

Hakan Sarıhan

ArtsGallery – May 2022

My way of art is an intuitive one, so it means through painting first of all I want to express the feelings, emotions.

Colors, materials, structures all in relations between themselves help me to find balance between canvas and reality… and my true emotions toward something. In fact I do paint and not write… So paintings should themselves find their own way to people that are looking…

There are artists that want to capture the moment and artists that want to release the energy of that moment. I believe that I am in the  second group. Energy needs to be released. On this path there are continually new possibilities using all kinds of elements. These elements include but not limited to fire, acid, oxidation… all of these are avenues to express my energy. In using what are normally considered destructive elements I love to be part of creating a new life energy. The process is a single event and can not be duplicated and perhaps this is the purpose to be part of the creation in a new way…

“Movimento Energy Tracks” is the ideal place for it.

Andreja Hojnik Fišić

ArtsGallery – May 2022


Andreja Hojnik Fišić

Andreja Hojnik Fišić, born in Pula on 9 July 1955, from Slovenian parents and on the land of Istria, both an inextricable part of the artistic expression. She studied English, Italian and journalism in Ljubljana, thus upgrading her intimate world of painting.

The Stage Group, which belonged to the three years, gave that call without limitation in the creation and expression of its attitudes.

The teaching of figuration and color in the studio of Professor Dino Trtovac compensated for the lack of formal education and thus one dream was realized to the satisfaction of the pupils, the teachers and the audience.




All the works exhibited here are protected by the INTELLECTUAL AND WORKS OF ARTS LAW, and all rights belong to the artist. Cannot be copied and used without permission. All Rights Reserved.
Thank you, for the respect for ideas and efforts of the artists.



Andreja Hojnik Fišić “Energy Tracks” Online Solo Exhibition
  • Tarih: 23 May 2022 - 12 Haz 2022
  • Yer:ArtsGallery - www.artsonlinegallery.com
  • Düzenleyen:Hakan Sarıhan
  • Sergi Süresi:21 gün


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1 Yorum

  • Nilüfer İNALTONG
    23 Mayıs 2022

    Dear Andreja,
    I congratulate you on your very successful work and wish you continued success.
    Best regards.😘♥️
    Nilufer INALTONG


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